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Skip the small talk, find real connections: chat-free dating app SIX

Our Features


Connecting hearts, without the chat

Skip the small talk and jump on a video call to see if connection is there

No "Catfishing" Profiles

Real people, real profiles, real connection


Real Dates Only

The only dating app that leads you to a real date

Quality Over Quantity

Date smarter, not harder. Limited quantity of active matches will help to focus on meaningful connections

iphone-x-mockup-against-transparent-background-a17152-2 copy.png

No Ghosting

Our feature gives clear understanding of whether the date is interested in pursuing a relationship or not



SIX is the only dating app that specifically targets busy individuals who lack the time or interest in engaging in prolonged messaging and small talk. Its unique selling point is the ability to connect users directly and promptly in person, enabling them to form authentic relationships with greater ease and efficiency.

The app's features are designed to optimize the process of arranging an actual date and to minimize the chances of users expending their time on dead-end conversations. By doing so, it heightens the probability of finding a suitable match.

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